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About the database

SportsStats is also a repository for other work to provide free and open access to information:

ACC Seeds
Starting in 2005, I wrote a program to list all the possible combinations of results down the stretch for ACC Tournament seeds. In 2009, I expanded that program to be more generic, and list all the possible seeding results and combinations (when there were 12 games or less to be played) for the six major conferences (ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac Ten, and SEC.) All the projections are now on line at ACC Seeds.

SportsStats Trivia
You can try to guess at trivia questions, and add your own. All designed for fun.

Charlie Board's ACC Statistics
Charlie Board has been working to provide an on-line reference to ACC team and player statistics.

Updated 9 June, 2003!

Other good sites:

George Harris's Statistical Database
George Harris includes power ratings, and regularly projects ACC standings based on those ratings.
Chris Stassen's Football Search
Chris Stassen has several programs to access a database of all college football scores.
NCAA History Guide
A list of NCAA disivison 1 football sites with some history behind the names and mascots.
SEC Sports
A site dedicated to the proposition that the SEC is the superior conference in college sports.
Sports Trivia Plus
Sports trivia questions about basketball, football, hockey, boxing, and golf. Team by team challenges for the pro's, as well as for college.
UK Football
Offers all the latest England Football News on the Premiership, Cham pions League and UEFA Cup plus fantasy football and results comment on all thing s about football.
Stat Dogg
A search engine of sports statistic sites

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